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Nationwide Skiptracing Reporting and Asset Research

Professional Skiptracing

Anyone can get information off of the Internet. It takes a company like ours to develop this information accurately and get you the results that you are looking for.

There are many search engines on the Internet that claim they can locate someone for a small fee. Many times this information is outdated and not reliable or confirmed. You receive information on multiple people with the same name and still have to develop which one person is the correct person you want to locate.

Target Research Inc. is not a database company or a software program. We are Nationwide Skiptrace Professionals who you can talk to. The information we obtain is verified through many sources including databases and software programs. These numerous resources are used to develop the information you need.

Save thousands of dollars a year in administrative and associated costs by freeing up your employees time. Target Research Inc. will develop and verify the information without the expenses incurred by an employee or the services you need to subscribe to.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest standard of customer service by supplying the most accurate information available, in a timely manner, at a better than average price.

In addition to the skiptrace and asset research reports, you can request corporate/company asset reports, background investigations, pre-employment background investigations, criminal checks, drivers license searches, estate searches, bankruptcies, and many more. Visit our Services page for more information, and visit the Request Service page to submit your request for a report.