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Skip Tracing Services and Asset Research

Skiptrace Report - Provides a confirmed current address. Unlike most companies, we guarantee our skiptraces for 30 days. If the address provided is no longer valid, we will re-open the file at no additional charge.

Asset Research Report - Includes a confirmed current address (skiptrace), real property ownership in county subject is residing in, employment, banking information or banking affiliations.

Corporate/Company Asset Report - Includes address, phone number, banking affiliations or banking information, real and personal property ownership in county it is located in and owner name and address. Determine if business is viable, how many years in business and estimated number of employees.
Starting at $125.00

Background Investigations - This report includes a skiptrace, real property ownership in county subject resides in, employment, banking information or bank affiliations, prior addresses and ownership, tax liens, state criminal record check in state subject is residing in, corporate affiliations, bankruptcy information and date of birth and/or social security number if developed.
Starting At $125.00

Pre-Employment Background Investigations - These reports assist companies with pre-employment screenings on potential employees. They provide information so an informed decision can be made on qualified candidates. These reports are customized to meet the clients needs. They can include but are not limited to:

  • Address confirmation
  • Prior addresses
  • Social security number confirmation
  • Criminal check - county, state and federal levels
  • Driver license status/infractions (in most states)
  • Prior worker compensation claims
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification

Call us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Criminal Checks - We can perform a statewide search for felonies, county searches or a Federal search for criminal records.
Starting at $50.00

Driver License Search - We will obtain a drivers license search providing traffic infractions and personal information on record. These searches are available in most States and some of the information provided varies from State to State.

We can also develop a drivers license number in most States.
Starting at $50.00

License Plate Information - This report provides ownership information on a license plate or tag number used to verify who the owner is or was at the time of a loss. This search is available in most States.
Starting at $50.00 per plate

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) - We will develop an owner of a vehicle from the vehicle identification number that is provided.
Starting at $50.00 per search

Insurance Searches - We search for insurance information through various sources including our own internal database we have compiled, DMV's, random local agencies and permits pulled. This report is very labor intense and price varies depending on the amount of time expended.
Starting at $50.00

Social Security Checks or Validation - If social security number is provided, we will verify the accuracy and who it was issued to.

If you need a social security number, we will develop it for you as long as proper documentation is provided and that there is a legitimate reason.

Estate Searches - This report provides assets and or estate information on a deceased subject. It will include property ownership in the county where subject was residing, banking information and if an estate was filed.

We will check for any bankruptcies filed. An additional charge will be assessed if a bankruptcy needs to be verified if dismissed or discharged.

Corporate Affiliations
This report provides any corporate affiliations associated with the subject in the State residing or the State you request.

UCC Filings - This report will provide information if a lien is placed upon a business or the assets of a business and registered with the State in which the business is located.
Starting at $50.00

Prior Addresses - We will provide the addresses subject used in the past 10 years.

Cell Phone and Non-Published Telephone Numbers - We will locate and confirm any cell or non published numbers.
$50.00 /$35.00 if not located

Judgment - Locate any judgment in the county where subject resides or a specified county.
Starting at $50.00 per county

*Process Serving may be available in your area. Please contact us for this service.

* All Research is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act.

* An additional charge will be assessed if incorrect information is provided and we need to develop it in order to complete a report. (example: wrong last name or spelling of last name)

* A cancellation charge may be applied if a request has been placed and canceled.

* Our turn around time is normally 2 to 5 working days. Some cases may take longer and we will contact the requester if the account will need to be retained over 30 days to complete.

* Requests can be made preferably through our secure website (attach any supporting documents), faxed to 803-514-2271, mailed to our address of PO Box 6536, Aiken, NC 29804 or called at: 800-966-1080. Please contact us if you would like a placement form.